Our Gut Wettlkam stud

Sport and breeding go hand in hand at our facility
There has been a stable in Wettlkam – then as a simple livery yard – since 2000. In May 2012, we moved to Gut Wettlkam with our horses unaware of the delights this location had in store for us. Our primary focus is on day-to-day working and training of show horses and the best possible care for all of the four-legged friends in the yard, whether horse or dog, cat or rabbit.
For us, sport and breeding go hand in hand. Both elements benefit equally from this mutual feedback. Ideally, Lisa’s future show horses for the large arena will be born here in the yard, trained step by step by her and prepared for the competitions in the appropriate age classes. We will be supported in training by Götz Brinkmann, who has been with us on this exciting journey since 2009. The young talents we have bred ourselves have also already been able to celebrate multiple successes. That is then a lot of fun, of course. Lisa has now been active in dressage for more than 10 years and first made a name for herself with our “Birkhofs Dave” on the “Stars von Morgen Tour” (Stars of Tomorrow tour) in 2013.
We continued to grow in dressage events in the open age class with our four-legged world-class athletes by competing in the finals of the “Piaff-Förderpreis” (Piaff Challenge Cup) the following year, 2014, and earned our colours. The highlight in the history of Gut Wettlkam to date was Lisa’s phenomenal success at the “Stuttgart German Masters” in 2019: we won in a packed arena and from a star-studded starting field with our Grand Prix horse “Stand by me OLD”. Inspired by this spine-tingling moment at the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart, we took the opportunity to start a new chapter at Gut Wettlkam in summer 2020: with the arrival of our two-time world champion stallion “D’avie”, we have now officially started down the path of private keeping of stallions. Coming from sport and inspired by in-house breeding, we have now brought all of the elements together with the “Gut Wettlkam EU semen collection centre” coming in 2021 in order to be able to positively influence not only equestrian sport but also the breeding of dressage horses in the future.