Don Juan de Hus – Londonderry

Colour: Chestnut
Geboren: 2012
Height: 173 cm
Stationed: Gut Wettlkam
Breeder: Dorothee Heitmüller
Licensed for: Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia, DWB and all southern German German associations
WFFS negative; PSSM1 negative; PSSM2: all genetic variants negative
Stud fees frozen semen:
frozen semen by Genntrans, Mühlen available per portion €800.- + 7% VAT

D’avie – a stallion captivates us

Dear breeders

Discovered as a hope for the future for top-flight dressage, D’avie has brought a smile to the face of more than just my wife Lisa every day since his arrival at our yard. As dressage enthusiasts and horse lovers and, by now, long-time breeders, there is usually a fly in the ointment somewhere even with a two-time world champion, but D’avie has proven a classic counter to this with the previously unknown multitude of positive attributes which can be used to describe this horse.


In addition to his spectacular talent for movement, D’avie impresses in the dressage arena with tremendous willingness to perform, his phenomenal hind legs and extraordinary rideability. He combines power and elegance. With his charisma and character, he has everyone involved in his day-to-day handling, whether riders, grooms or farriers, wrapped around his little finger. Of particular interest for breeding considerations, as a refining stallion type, his perfect conformation makes him suitable for almost all mares.


D’avie really does combine everything you could want from a sire for dressage horses, whether for further development of your own dam line or for competitive sport.


Although there are comparatively few offspring by him in Germany thus far, he has already produced 2 licensed sons. Just recently, he has been able to attract attention from the Hanoverian stallion licensing committee with regard to his hereditary qualities as a premium stallion with a wonderful conformation.


As you are probably familiar with yourself, I also rack my brains anew every year over whether I have really found the perfect matches of our own brood mares. In the process, I particularly have the pedigree and the bloodline in mind alongside the usual criteria for horse evaluation. Here, I consider D’avie to be a great opportunity for German dressage breeding. Not for nothing did D’avie’s sire, Don Juan de Hus, take the top spot in this year’s FN breeding evaluation.

Let yourself be infected with my personal enthusiasm for this exceptional stallion.

Sincerely yours, Thomas Müller


Internationally popular career stallion. D’avie, of excellent type, was a premium stallion and held the record price with the Hanoverian licensing committee in Verden in 2014. He has far exceeded the high expectations in this respect. In sport, he debuted with outstanding victories in competitions for young riding and dressage horses. He passed the 14-day test in 2016 in Schlieckau at the top of the class. In 2017, he took fourth place in the Danish dressage championship under Severo Jurado Lopez (ESP) and was in the final six at the world championship for five-year-old dressage horses. As a six-year-old, he won gold in the world championship in Ermelo with a total score of 9.26 (canter 10.0, trot 9.8) and was able to impressively defend this title in 2019 as a seven-year-old: 10.0 for the perfect, cadenced uphill canter, 9.4 for the rhythmic trot performed with expression and extension with constantly energetically repetitive hind leg, 8.8 for the clearly controlled walk and changes and 9.5 for perspective. 93.0 percent and 77.214 percent for technical execution gave the total score of 85.107 percent.

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Despite having few progeny, D’avie already has two licensed sons including “Democracy”, the Hanoverian licensing committee premium stallion on 2020 with a wonderful conformation. In addition to his exceptionally good character, he gives his progeny great magnificence and presence as well as enormous impetus from the perfectly structures hindquarters.

Don Juan de Hus
D’avie is a son of Don Juan de Hus, who sadly died much too young, who placed sixth in the world championships for young dressage horses in 2013 under Jessica Michel (FRA). His bloodline is not only consistently athletic, characterised by Grand Prix stallions, but has also been welcomed enthusiastically at a wide range of licensing venues. To date, twelve of his sons have been licensed in Germany, including the Westphalian champion stallion and price record holder D’Egalité, the Neustadt champion stallion Don Royal and the dressage horse world champion and riding horse federal champion Don Martillo.

Dam line
When looking at his pedigree, it stands out that both his dam, second dam and third dam were awarded a State Premium. The dam St.Pr.St. Linda is also full sister to St.Pr.A. Lady Gagga, who has achieved success to the Grand Prix level, and to Letterkenny, who has been victorious to Intermédiaire II. The broodmare sire Londonderry carries the blood of the founder of the line, Lauries Crusador xx. Londonderry was a licensing winner, federal champion and was selected as “Hanoverian stallion of the year” in 2013 owing to his outstanding heredity. Subsequent generations include the HLP winner Walt Disney I, the guarantor of movement Trapper, the sire of many dressage horses Windhuk and the licensing winner Akrobat.
D’avie represents the narrow but extremely rich in tradition Hanoverian line 1311/Ahnenherrin (by Ankara-Feger-Sportsmann etc.) from the area of the Großenwörden Celler Station, always provided with high performance attributes, from which the licensed stallions San Shamrock (PB NED) and Sunset Hit (PB DEN) also originated.

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Photos / videos

  • 2014 premium stallion of the Hanoverian licensing
  • 2018 world champion of 6-year-old dressage horses
  • 2019 World champion of 7-year-old dressage horses
  • 2021 victorious in the Grand Prix

2yo stallion by D'Avie - Desperados

Hanoverian premium stallion “Democracy

Stallion candidate born in 2019

Stallion candidate “born 2019

D'avie Hengstfohlen 2020

D’avie „Colt 2020


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