General Terms and Conditions of the Insemination station

Zuchthof Wadenspanner GbR,
represented by the shareholders and managing directors Maria and Walter Wadenspanner


Gut Wettlkam,
owner Thomas Müller

The following conditions apply to the contractual relationship between the mare owner who uses stallions from the Wadenspanner insemination stations and / or Gut Wettlkam.

The contract is concluded with the insemination station that is listed as the owner of the selected stallion in the stallion brochure or the internet advertisement.

The breeding season starts on February 1st. and ends on 08.08. of each year, the breeding season at Gut Wettlkam begins on March 1st, 2021.

Semen orders are made by telephone +49 8781 2734, by Email ( or using the on the Internet at provided order form. Orders should be placed by 10:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday at the latest, and by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday for both stations. Immediate processing cannot be guaranteed for orders that are received later. The first semen order must be made in writing if possible. The order must contain the first name, surname and full address of the mare owner, the name of the desired stallion, the breeding association to which the covering is to be reported, the exact address of the recipient, first name, last name and address of the veterinarian commissioned with the insemination, as well as the Identification details of the mare to be covered (name, breed, life number, age, parentage).

The stallion “Imposantos” is exclusively offered domestically through Gut Wettlkam. Interested breeders should contact the Zuchthof Wadenspanner and Gut Wettlkam cooperation with the first name, surname, address, name of the inseminating veterinarian and the mare to be inseminated. There the orders are forwarded to the station Brinkman, Rijksstraatweg 183, 7391 MN TWELLO, Holland, which processes the orders for the keeper and owner of the stallion Theo Driessen. The dispatch takes place in the name and for the account of the owner by the named station, which is also responsible for the issue of the cover slips.

In addition, it must be reported whether an embryo transfer is planned. In this case, the stud fee is due for each flushed embryo.

In the event of overcrowding of a stallion selected by the mare owner, the chronological order in which the order was received is decisive, with mares placed at the insemination station having priority.

In addition to the stud fee, the costs for sending semen are calculated. For weekend deliveries, the surcharge charged by the delivery service will be charged additionally.

Frozen semen must be ordered three days before the desired shipping date. The shipping container used must be returned undamaged to the insemination station within one week at the expense of the mare owner. The mare owner bears the risk of omitted return or loss. The proof of use, which is enclosed with the semen delivery, must be filled out and signed back by the inseminating veterinarian / insemination manager. In addition, unused sequins – without remuneration or credit – must be returned in full to the insemination station with the container.

The customer bears the costs of any official veterinary certificates / export papers that may be required.

The insemination of mares housed at the insemination station by the stud’s own stallions is free of charge. Any veterinary examinations required in connection with the insemination (follicle checks, pregnancy examinations and any necessary treatments) will be billed directly to the mare owner by the station veterinarian. The mares to be inseminated are kept exclusively at the Wadenspanner Zuchthof, even if a stallion from Gut Wettlkam is used.

Calf tensioner boxes are available for guest mares at the Zuchthof. Accommodation is charged at € 18.00 incl. VAT calculated. Accommodation is at the mare owner’s risk, provided that the damage is not due to intent or negligence on the part of the insemination station.

The mare owner guarantees that he is the unrestricted sole owner of the mare to be inseminated and that he has taken out animal owner liability insurance. Proof of insurance coverage must be provided upon request.

The payments intended for the insemination center must be made by transfer to the following account:

For the Zuchthof Wadenspanner:

Account owner: Maria and Walter Wadenspanner GbR
Raiffeisenbank Pfeffenhausen – Rottenburg eG
IBAN: DE 42 7436 4689 0001 850008

For the Gut Wettlkam:

Account owner: Thomas Müller
Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg
IBAN: DE 98 7025 0150 0027 7976 12


According to the stallion prospectus and internet advertisement, the first installment of the stud fee is due with the first insemination, the second installment when the mare is pregnant. A veterinary certificate must be presented in the event of non-pregnancy.

If a stallion is not available during the breeding season for an important reason (competition, illness, etc.), another stallion at the station can be used at the choice of the mare owner. There is no entitlement to repayment of the stud fee.

In principle, stallions that are in service for the first time are only entered in HB I after the stallion performance test has been completed, so that the foals can only then be fully registered. If a stallion is not registered in HB I, only birth certificates are issued by the breeding associations. The mare owner bears the risk.

Frozen semen is billed per mare, with a maximum of two insemination portions. Please note the special regulation at D´avie. In the event of a subsequent reorder, the stud fee is owed again without any offsetting or credit due to the fact that pregnancy has not occurred. Discounts when covering several mares from one owner require an individual agreement with the insemination center.

The Zuchthof Wadenspanner calculates the sales tax to be shown in accordance with § 24 UStG in the amount of 10.7%.

Date 01/2021